The current logo for the Veronika Gyòcsi Collection was created by Latvian-born artist Viktor Timofeev, and is the first in an ongoing series of partnerships with contemporary artists from, or working in, the regions where the collection has its origins. Spanning various mediums, Timofeev often modifies, remixes and deconstructs text and iconography and this process is reflected in the logo. Supporting contemporary artists from the respective countries, and connecting the collection’s past with the vibrant regional present, are among the main objectives moving forward. Veronika Gyòcsi Collection also intends to challenge established strategies that may misrepresent collections as a fixed entities, the intention is instead to represent the multiple identities contained within the collection.

Viktor Timofeev (b. 1984 in Riga, Latvia) works across generative video, painting, installation and sound, frequently combining the mediums to create semi-fictional environments. He received his MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and his BFA at Hunter College in New York.